Unfound Pirate Treasure in the Seychelles

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There’s gold in dem dere hills!

Still skimming across the net looking for more information on the Seychelles, we found gold! And not the proverbial kind. Legend has it that there was a pirate who buried his treasure somewhere in the Indian Ocean and it is believed to be located in the Seychelles. This makes the Seychelles a little more exciting, just knowing there there is unfound pirate treasure somwhere on the island…Dawgit!!

Here’s what we found on Wikipedia:

Olivier Levasseur (Calais, 1680 or 1690 – Réunion, 7 July 1730), was a pirate, nicknamed La Buse or La Bouche (The Buzzard) in his early days, called thus because of the speed with which he threw himself on his enemies.

His name first appears in 1716, when he joined the Benjamin Hornigold pirate company. Olivier was a good climber, and had a scar across one eye, limiting his view.

After a year of successful looting, the Hornigold party split, with Olivier deciding to try his luck at the West African coast. In 1719 he operated together with Howell Davis and Thomas Cocklyn for a period. In 1720, he was shipwrecked in the Red Sea and stranded at the island Mayotte, one of the Comores. His eye was completely mutilated by now, and he decided to wear an eyepatch.

From 1721 onwards he committed his raids from his base at the island Saint Mary’s, at the Madagascar coast. His biggest success was the conquering of the Portuguese vessel Nossa Senhora do Cabo (The Virgin of the Cape), which was full of gold. This was in cooperation with the English pirate John Taylor. He was eventually captured and hanged at the island Bourbon (today Réunion), on 7 July 1730) 17h00, for his crimes of piracy.

The Cryptogram of Olivier Levasseur


Alphabet of Olivier Levasseuralphabet_de_la_buse.jpg

The legend tells that when he stood on the scaffold, he had a necklace around his neck,containing a cryptogram of 12 lines, and would have thrown this in the crowd while exclaiming: “Find my treasure, he who may understand it!”

What became of this necklace is unknown. To this day, a good number of impassioned treasure hunters have searched to find his fabulous treasure, estimated by some at a few million euros, others give it a value as much as 100 million UK pounds (2005).

In 1923 a certain Mrs. Savoy found some documents, describing Levasseur’s treasure at a southern island of the Seychelles group.
At one document there are some coordinates, and text in a mysterious alphabet.
At the Bel Ombre beach on the island Mahé, stones were found, with carvings like: dogs, snakes, tortoises, horses, a ballot box, a figure of a young woman, and the head of a man.
After some excavations they discovered two coffins containing the remainings of two people, identified as pirates by the gold ring in their left ear.
But no treasure was found at this location.
The cryptogram was much more difficult to solve than than what she had believed.
Deciphering it could be carried out only starting from the Clavicles of Solomon, two letters, a will and documents compiled in rebus or at least in initiatory writing which could be put in relation to maconnic symbolism.
These documents explicitly affirmed the existence of a treasure localised on an island in the Indian Ocean.
However the name of this island was not mentioned anywhere.

In 1947 English Reginald Cruise-Wilkins, a friend of Mrs. Savoy, studied the problem and discovered a connection with the twelve operations of Hercules. Various tasks, representing the Labours of Hercules, had to be undertaken in strict order. The treasure chamber is somewhere underground and must be approached carefully, to avoid being inundated. It is protected by the tides, which require damming to hold it back, and is to be approached from the north. Access is through a stairwell cut into the rocks, and tunnels leading under the beach. Until 1970 he sought and dug in the island of Mahé.
In a cave, in addition to old guns, some coins, and pirate sarcophagi, he did not find anything.
He died in 1977 before he broke the last piece of code.

Wow, this is some Goonies shit. This is something we will definitely be looking into. We’re not stupid…if a professional treasure hunter couldn’t find it in 23 years of searching, it probably won’t be found by the likes of us, but it’s nice to dream… I’m pretty sure we’ll have a “good time…wink, wink” late night on the beaches, drinking rum, having our pirate (role-playing) adventures.



  1. sandra said,

    hi just wondering if you know whether there is any books on this pirate that is in english. i find him very fasinating

    • Bernard Leeman said,

      I met Reginald Cruise-Wilkins in 1969 at his beachside home in the Seychelles. He was extremely interesting – especially his description of the disastrous Tanganyika ground-nuts scheme and his tale of a cache of silver coins being discovered on Mahe that was handed over to the Catholic Church and never heard of again. I was told by the Savy family that the orginal story was “planted” by the widow of Charles Savy in about 1921 and a later Savy relative (maybe her son), an unscrupulous local “grand blanc” investor in his diggings, used to place bits of old French wine bottles, coins and other items dating from earlier times in the excavations to excite Cruise-Wilkins and raise the value of the shares. Cruise-Wilkins had assembled a number of rocks on the beach that he said represented the golden apples of the sun, a horse’s head representing the cleaning of the stables etc.

      It is more likely that the treasure was buried in Madagascar.

  2. Karen Tseu said,

    I was reading your article and find it very interesting. Please e-mail me if you have a continueation to this article.

    • Dracy. from Canada said,

      There is a book called the BOOK OF LOST TREASURES with this in it, it has a little more information to add.

  3. Marcus said,

    I have investigated this for years, and I am sure I know where this treasure is.

    • Dracy said,

      So why have’nt you found it ????

    • robert said,

      Now thats funny , if you know where ir is lets go get it ;lol

    • Olivier de Vasseur said,

      I beat you to it, moron.

    • cristian said,

      e dov e Marcus

  4. Emma said,

    Any updates on this? I really do hope Robert Graf finds the treasure. This is absolutely fascinating. It’s a shame this isn’t more information and photos about it online (i.e. the rocks, coffins, etc).

  5. Russell said,

    If you can prove to me you know where the treasure is, I will fund the expedition.

    • allan said,

      hi,iam allan, a seychollois,i khow the exact loction of the treasure ,,its in the belombre,but near of the march,

    • tereance said,

      hey marcus i born and live in the seychelles been searching for many years i came up with nothing if you kow let go get it i will give u 80 percent of it

    • tereance said,

      hey my name is Terance i witness when i was 7 years a german fellow remove one treasure i saw it it was at anse marie louis he went back to germany never came back and i know there more treasure in the seychelles

      • Jaco said,

        Hi Tereance, Where can i find more info on the treasure the german removed from anse marie louis? Is it documented? tnx Jaco

    • Albert Collins said,

      hey russell , if i can show you proof that the buzzards treasure is there WILL YOU REALLY FUND THE EXPIPIDATION to retrive it?? and what would be in it for me/?? i can actually show proof that it is in place, actually there are three locations all holding treasure, in the same general area, any more info than what i have mentioned i would be giving away its location, so contact me if you would like, i am not a wealthy person and could never afford a trip to the place but i am sure it is there, but hey i,m only a man and have nothing to lose , and you could have everything to gain, so can we deal????

    • Liz Englert said,

      Hey Marcus, I have found the treasure after 7 years of research but the Government won’t extend my contract to get it out. maybe they want to keep it for themselves. I need a GPR to show them more proof; can you help?

      • Hunter said,

        Liz, If you have some evidence to show that please show me and I will help out. Please note I need concrete information. What proof you have? I have seen you placing name and signs but this is not enought to convince me to get you the GPR or fund the expedition…I await

      • Hunter said,

        Dear Liz,
        I am happy that you gave managed to finally found this treasure….Great work. How are you going to take it now if you no longer have a permit to do so? I have been reading a lot about is and noted that I may be able to figure it our. According to some research done, it is found in a cave and the location of this can be explained either by the cryptogram of by signs which are found on the site.

        I guess if I am able to see such signs, i should be able to interprete those given that Le Vasseur was part of the Hornigold School…

        Please let me know. You can contact me on relictfinder63@gmail.com


        Relict Hunter

      • rapeery said,

        Is there any one among you who does’t know the lady’s name and what the third ring is?

        On 2/20/13, Seychellesislandsinformations Weblog

  6. Anonymous said,

    Well then Marcus, would you like to tell us where this wonderful treasure is then?

  7. Justin Aniere said,

    Have u found the treasure??? I’m curious…..

  8. Kirsty said,

    Yes you and twenty million other people Marcus.. if you so sure- go get it !

  9. carl said,

    well i just read and have always been interested in things like this i am a graduate from texas a&m and i know a prof that does old languages maybe ill run it by him

  10. jason said,

    treasure taken from the Virgin of the cape supposedly included a solid gold cross bout 7 ft tall encrusted w/ jewels of all sorts. Labuse sailed w/ many of the eras other leading pirates and if he were pennywise his treasure would be immense, the length of his pirate carreer is amazing compared to the average of the time.

    • Drew said,

      A proportional 7 ft golden cross would weight approximately 4 tons

  11. Dracy. from Canada said,

    I have been investigating this myself for 9 years off and on, I have studied the 12 labours of Herules, The first was because he’d killed his wife. This is why he had to do the labours. Latin, Arabic, and some Portuguese, etc. to find out what the key was and here it appears, if the key is right? Some Latin letters can also be numbers, which can lead to your teasure. I know there is a rock on the isle of Mahe with 4 compass points. I found this in the [Book of lost treasures] it has the lost Duchmans mine In the USA [WHICH HAS BEEN FOUND]. Al be it not by me @#$%^%$, Oak Island MONEY PIT. [Captain Kidd] Because of all the money used to try to get it. Limas lost treasure [English Captain who’s name I cant remeber, he lived in Newfoundland St. Johns and worked as carpenter until he died. 36 MILLION est, and a Spanish Benito Bonito pirate, 11 MILLION est. These last two are said to be on the Cocos Island belonging to Costa Rica.

  12. Zach said,

    I’m looking for a team of a sort to whom would like to be part of an investigation if interested please notify me

    • Dracy. from Canada said,

      What are you looking for Zach, and may I ask where you are? Do i have to travel? And what kind of a team are you sort of looking for?

      • zach said,

        I’m looking for a relaiable team to be able to travel to the decided area. if you are interested then email me at udo6614@hotmail.com and i will give you more information.


    • tereance said,

      hey i would like to part of it cause i just came back from the sechelles hunting for treasure

    • akki d singh said,

      i would be pleased to be…i dont know updates abt it.wat happnd to garf..nd after dat..but if i get a chance i would love to solve the mystery nd find the treaure

  13. Dracy. from Canada said,

    The Lima treasure at a cool (36 million est. ) Had a life size statue of the virgin Mary solid glod with 1698 precious gems fix into it. there was gold cions, gold boullion & silver cions, silver boullion, and 250 dress swords with precious gems in them. This all came about because of a Spanish rebellion. the rebs chased the lords and ladies all the way to Lima’s port. There were no Spanish galleons at port, Only one English galleon. They loaded thier treasure on it and left 12 Spanish guards to watch over it. The English crue killed them, cut the cable and took off straight north to Cocos island where they hid the treasure, and then maid for Costa Rica but were run down by 3 Spanish galleons. the Spanish hanged all but 2 the captian and the master-mate his name was Foarbs.

  14. Dracy. from Canada said,

    In the book of lost and unfound treasure they est. the Buzzards treasure at 400million. Nice chunk of change!!!

  15. ZACH said,


  16. ZACH said,

    if interested please email me

  17. john said,

    hi, i am also interested in the expedition. I have always sort for things like this and i believe that my luck will shine on us(Team)

    • zach said,

      You said that you were interested in going on this expedition. If you are serious we will have to get into contact and plan out exactly how to do this. Money will be a problem to get there however there is always a way. i will tell you more information when i recieve an email.


  18. john said,

    update me peeps

  19. donald st ange said,

    wants to be on the team

    • zach said,

      If you are serious about being on the team then we will have to contact eachother. I will give you more information when i revieve an email….udo6614@hotmail.com

    • Ed said,

      Hey I am close to fnding this place. Found a rock with LE vasseur name engraved with a cave with lots of drawings…I need some interpretation for some..

      Do let me know if anyone is intrested in interpreting those signs for me

  20. Rob said,

    Yeah guys im up for it also…drop me an email if anyone is sorting out a team.

    • zach said,

      You said that you were interested in going on this expedition. If you are serious we will have to get into contact and plan out exactly how to do this. Money will be a problem to get there however there is always a way. i will tell you more information when i recieve an email.


  21. Kayla Le Vavasour said,

    I am among a long list of relatives,
    as i know of at some point out family name changed somewhat early years from levasseur to le vavasour,
    because some one in the family thought the name may have been cursed.
    this stuff interests me and its fasinating!!!!!
    if more information i could get my hands on to learn a bit more would be awesome!!!
    🙂 thanks

    • cristian said,

      vorrei trovare anch io il tesoro

  22. dustin dorsey said,

    hi everybody i have alot of the missing info that is needed,has anybody found it yet nope,haha

  23. dustin dorsey said,

    hi everybody i have alot of the missing info that is needed,has anybody found it yet nope, kayla we should exchange info,??

  24. El Griego said,

    OK Dracy from Canada, The mans name was John Keeting.
    I am in Costa Rica the Island has more then just gold as its treasure, its considered one of the most beautiful Islands in the world with over 200 waterfalls on it.
    It was used for pirates for its abundance of fresh waters and YES gold has been found on the island!!!! Legend says even the famous Sir Francis Drake has buried treasure there!!!!!!!1

    • Clint said,

      Keeting was the guy from NF who allegedly found the treasure on cocos island wasn’t he!?! I think it was cocos island,apparently the guy who stole the treasure was on his deathbed and gave keeting a map…keeting went there and only took a portion of it and left the rest there(supposedly)
      that story has been on the discovery channel!

  25. joshua said,

    I will gladly join

  26. Andrew said,

    Im about to move to praslin on the Saychelles, if there are any ideas anyone like me to follow up, or get involved with a team of reaserchers. let me know

  27. Sean said,

    Im interested in joining some type of team, Im not sure what i could bring to the team but i could defintaly do any labour needed. I could also do anything anyone asks pretty much, as long as you tell me what i need.

    I have the money, That’s not saying im a millionaire but i have some cash.

  28. Ambika said,

    Hi everyone,

    i lived in the seychelles for about 2 years a long time back. i have been very interested in this ever since. i wanted to know if ur expedition worked out, and how its going??

  29. tereance said,

    anse for banse there is cave lot of them and there is treasure the is golden eagle

    • Ed said,

      Terence can you direct me where tose caves are? I am currenty doing some in depth research on some of th markings found on rocks…

      PLease direct me accordingly

  30. zach said,

    I see that there are plenty of people interested in joing the expedition, the trip I am planning will be around may-june timeframe 2012, this may seem like it is a very long time away however doing the research that I have done Ive found that there is much information left out and or missing. I dont not want to embark without knowing in full all the information pertaining to the Seychelles Treasure. I will not be unprepared. If the people who said they are interested are actually interested in going then I need to know how you can contribute to the team. I have two emails that you can contact me with, or simply leave a comment here, however with my job it may take a few weeks before i can check this website again. udo6614@hotmail.com or richzach@cvn73.navy.mil. If interested the let me know.

  31. zach said,

    To clarify the richzach@cvn73.navy.mil email I can check everyday. the other it will take a few weeks.

    • X said,

      did any1 completed the cryptogram ??? m wondering, cuz itz damn tough !!!

      @ Zach – r u serious about the expedition ??? m thinkin if i can join too !!!

  32. michel renaud said,

    what you are looking for its no their,only the chosen can have knows, youre not the one,keep away from it….it might become trouble some in the future for you huntes……
    remember only the chosen one can have it.
    the owner of that treasure,was much more clever than you expected….so expect the unexpected out of the expected…


  33. Andrew said,

    Hi. Does anybody have any information on the pirate named Mancienne. There is a rock named Mancienne Rock on Mahe where he apparently held slaves. Please let me know if you know any stories or history about this pirate or where I can get information. Post here or email amill86@yahoo.com

  34. Granto said,

    The treasure is at the bottom of the ocean, he made up this cryptogram to save himself from the hangmans noose. That’s my theory. If there was treasure they could just geo fiz the island, job done.

  35. Arnett Peery said,

    The riddle of the lady and the third (ring) was answered ,subliminally of course, in the made-for-TV ‘documentary’ that was done and aired in about 2003-2004. The lady IS the third ring(reign)! Her name is Nefertiti and she was the third queen of ancient Egypt. She is a granite monolith in the shape of the famous bust of Nefertiti and was there in the water (waterlogged lady) behind JC-W at the end of that documentary.
    “Follow Jason and the third ring will be revealed!” JASON is July, August, September, October and November! December (follows JASON), in most years, is the time of the Spring Tide, when the water level is at its lowest. She is exposed (revealed) during this low tide.
    I don’t expect you’ll find any treasure there, but if you do just send me a card with a smiley face on it!

  36. FlIppa said,

    Hi everyone. My father was Cruise-Wilkins investor for many years. He bought the land that the treasure is supposedly ment to be on and he arranged for the airport to get the heavy equipment to move the bolders in the 70’s. Sadly there was a coup d’etat and the government took his land from him, there was also a bank crash in the UK and my dad lost everything. Both Cruise-Wilkins and my father have now passed away. I have heard John Cruise0Wilkins (son of) is now searching. I’d be curious to see how you all do! You’ll need lots of money to succeed! Good luck!

    • Katherine said,


      Do you happen to have a way to reach John Cruise Wilkins?

  37. Nick said,

    It is only fair that you guys are made aware the cryptogram and alphabet of Olivier Levasseur is a wild goose and is of no use regarding the treasure location. I can help if anybody is interested in filling the gaps. Contact me on nickriviera68@gmail.com

  38. Made-in-Jolinier said,

    Hi guys!

    I just found out about Levasseur’s story… It’s getting me very interested! Does anyone have updates on Robert Graf’s research? The most recent info that I could seem to find was this article: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/travel/Treasure_Quest.html. Anything new that you could tell me about it?
    Also, Zach, how’s your plan going? Did you make it to the Seychelles?
    I’m French and currently in the US. If there are any things in French you’d want help with, don’t hesitate to contact me @: jadoumo@yahoo.fr.

    Hope you guys gan give me some updates!

    Best of luck!

  39. lizenglert said,

    Hey guys. I have finished my book on La Buse. I know that if the treasure comes out in the world somewhere, then I can claim it. My evidence is in my book, pictures, explanation on what the signs mean and how I identified the treasure and dug straight above it (as we could not find the entrance which was well hidden). I also did scans using and EXP 4000 and EXP5000, which showed the boxes clearly. Unfortunately, the Government refused to extend my contract when I was only 2-3 feet to reach the bottom. I was drilling through granite rock, from the approval they gave me. What more damage could 2-3 feet do, if they are there with me supervising.

    Because of pressure from so many people that are jealous and only wants to see me fail, or wants to take the treasure illegally, they are letting such a wonderful opportunity to put Seychelles on the map influence their decision.

    I even went as far as asking them to come and supervise the site with me, to guide me to do the right thing, now that I have finally found the entrance and they even refused that up to now. I totally understand their concern for the environment, because that is very important for Seychelles. Other people has been on site and doing illegal digging that I got blamed for. We have local newspapers that are writting such terrible things about the treasure, but none of them has even come to me to get my side of the story. Maybe if they did, they would understand that I want nothing more than removing the treasure LEGALLY to benefit Seychelles and our tourism industry. I am ready to let the media watch the whole thing but then again, I don’t think I will ever get that opprtunity as long as our mind set don’t change.

    Seychelles has the opportunity to become one of the most talked about place in the world, but alas, maybe someone can do a documentary to let the world know what I have found. It will be something to me at least.

    • ED said,

      Interesting…Is there a possibility of seeing a copy of your book ? I did some research and despite he was french he spoke a lot of English…Some clues may be in English? RELICT FINDER

      • jun said,

        Sir me your email add

    • Chuck said,

      Liz, I have purchased your book, and I think giving up would be a shame, as you are so close. I will be venturing to the seychelles in August, let me know if I can be of any assistance, as I could theoretically apply for a permit, then (if permitted), and that does seem to be a big if…subcontract you… and you could then legally acquire the treasure? If it is.. of course, still there. Also, I have the ability to purchase any technology you may feel useful, I believe there are more advanced GPR systems out there nowadays. Please contact me…

    • cristian said,

      ciao mi chiamo cristian se vuoi lo andiamo a tirare fuori da soli ,su che isola e il tesoro

  40. anna ro said,

    today i found a perculiar rock.. at b.v where the savoy has built the hotel is strangely identical to the clue on the rock.. maybe it has already been dug up because it is too much of a coincidence. although my research will not stop there.. sooner or later we will know what la buse has in store for us

    • ED said,

      what does the rocks look like?

  41. Bernard Leeman said,

    I met Reginald Cruise-Wilkins in 1969 at his beachside home in the Seychelles. He was extremely interesting – especially his description of the disastrous Tanganyika ground-nuts scheme and his tale of a cache of silver coins being discovered on Mahe that was handed over to the Catholic Church and never heard of again. I was told that an unscrupulous local “grand blanc” investor in his diggings used to place bits of old French wine bottles, coins and other items dating from earlier times in the excavations to excite Cruise-Wilkins and raise the value of the shares. Cruise-Wilkins had assembled a number of rocks on the beach that he said represented the golden apples of the sun, a horse’s head representing the cleaning of the stables etc. I was reminded of Cruise-Wilkins when writing my present book on Old Testament archaeology, which too relies on wishful thinking when the real evidence is probably elsewhere in West Arabia not Palestine.

    Dr Bernard Leeman

  42. Hubertos said,

    Hi, i live in the seychelles,i was born in another country but my ancestors are from around the south of mahe,, i always get dreams about this treasure. I get visions and see stuff, i keep researching and googeling about la buse for out of no reason. Each time i drive around the site at bel ombre i get goose bumbs. Sometimes i just park and stare at it. If any expedition comes please contact me. Iam already to help out with all transport costs.

  43. Rima said,

    anyone willing to provide fund to go and find it ?

  44. Relict Hunter said,

    Well, well well. What an interesting story.. Soon this will no longer become a story but history will be made. The mysterious treasure island is known with proof that the treasure is there. Soon, the 200+ story of le Vasseur will no longer be a story. watch out this space….

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